Crystal Automation specialises in design, engineering and manufacturing of GMP grade mehcanical pneumatic material handling and ingredient processing system for Pharmaceutical, Food, Beverages and Chemical industries. The equipment manufactured by "Crystal" are for conveying, storing, measuring, milling, screening, mixing & blending of dry materials. We also expertising in design and manufacture of Centralised Dust Collection Systems and components for Bulk Solid handling systems.


"Crystal" was founded by a technocrat Mr.Chandrashekar Shetty in the year 1989. His academic background and his practical experience in the field of industrial in-plant automation and system design has made "Crystal" an market leader in the field of ingredient handling and processing systems. Mr.Shetty has been honoured with Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini award for his export performance and  outstanding contribution in the field of manufacturing GMP model (food quality ) import substitute machineries and systems.


"Crystal" philosophy is to supply its customers with the equipment employing the best technology, with fair price, flexibility and efficiency, backed by the best people,having a spirit of team work, enthusiasm and a passion for excellence.

Our Mission is to support the customers in fulfilling their objectives. This commitment creates an environment conducive to the development of automated ingredient handling solutions geared to meet the needs of the future.

All our suppliers are backed by a strong and technically sound team of Service Engineers, and adequate stores of critical spares.


-To discus the customer's requirement at length, with the customers, also within the design team and as a result, to provide the customer with the best possible solution, technically as well as economically.
-To provide complete documentation required for the validation of our equipment.
-To assist in interfacing our equipment & systems with the customer's existing equipment & system.